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I own a 1995 BMW 750il which is a 12 cylinder and not every mechanic would work on this car even BMW certified. The check engine light had been on for a year. Nino said he can fixed it and fix he did:-). The car was fixed with $400 and runs like a dream. He is knowladgable and fair. My car will see no other mechanic as long as Nino is around which I hope is a long time.



Posted on 05/09/11


I usually do not write reviews especially since I am a perfectionist. However, Nino, the owner of the Alpha and Omega Auto Repair is a pot of gold that cannot be hidden. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and for the past 5years, he has saved me loads of money just by being honest. For example, often the check engine light on my Mercedes would come on, and for years various mechanic shops charged me $50 after making me wait for hours without any explanation. In two months, I would be back to the same shop only to go through the same process and to hear the same excuses. Finally, I took my car to Nino who explained that the light came on because of the short circuit. He fixed it without charging me. Wow! What a major difference between an honest mechanic and dishonest ones.

Posted on 07/11/11


My wife and I have been taking my Nissan Pathfinder and her Honda Civic to Nino, for maintenance as well as mechanical/electrical repair, for the past four years. The service/repair has always been done well, on time and for a very reasonable fee. Nino is an experienced mechanic and does a good job. He is also VERY HONEST and charges a reasonable fee for his work. We are very happy to have found a good and decent mechanic and recommend him highly.


George MPosted
Posted on 09/05/11

"I was recommended to Alpha & Omega by a friend. I took my 1st car there 2 years ago. The diagnosis and repair was just as estimated and slightly less in cost. I started taking all my cars to Nino. I am in the business of selling cars so it is good to have a high quality shop with personal service for a competitive price. I my cars get fixed for the estimate or less. If I ever have an issue with a repaired car it is fixed without question or hesitation. I repair every car as if it were my own and Nino repairs every car as it it was his own. My only fear is writing this review may make him so busy it takes longer to get my cars repaired? Honesty, quality and fast service for fair price is Alpha & Omega business model. They also honor all warranties to my customers who buy my cars. This is also good for my business. Highest recommendation."


Ben, R Posted

Posted on 11/17/11



Valerie S.

I came to see Nino at Alpha & Omega because my neighbor had told me months ago how wonderful the Alpha & Omega mechanic shop is. Oh my goodness, small wonder Nino and his crew have earned such an amazing perfect 5 star rating!

I didn't think they could help me because the trouble I had wasn't with my engine. 
I'm a woman and from the first moment I knew I could trust this shop, the owner, and the crew. Yes, really. And... I had no idea of their impressive yelp reviews.

After needing their help twice it's obvious Alpha & Omega earns their 5 star ratings the old fashioned way; with...

Honesty, Integrity, Superb Customer Service, Pride in their workmanship, Reasonable Prices, and Personal Service to me.

Nino and his crew will heighten your faith in the godness of people (not really a typo :)


HONESTY - One of the most important IF NOT THE most important attribute of a good mechanic. The guys at A&O have built their business on honesty and fairness. I've taken my car to this shop 4 separate times with 2 different cars, and they have never once charged me more than their quote, but will usually drop the price if they finish the job faster than they expected. 

Aaron K.

They also were totally OK with me purchasing my parts online and just charging me for labor (the rate of which is exceptionally fair). As someone who doesn't know much beyond the basics of auto repair, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

I took my car in to have my belt checked because it was squealing every time I turned it on. They quoted me what they would charge me for each belt IF they needed to be replaced. Turned out it just needed to be tightened. They got me in and out in 15 minutes and didn't charge me anything, saying "We like to give people a break whenever we can. You have a good car, so go enjoy it and we'll see you next time you need a repair."

That's good business.

BTW this is my first ever Yelp review. So...

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